September 29, 2022

Can Your Hairstyle Make You Look Like a Million Bucks?

Got your black tux on and that red tie and those silver cufflinks, but still don’t look like a million bucks? Here’s probably where you’re missing out. Your haircut. That’s right, you haven’t got your manly locks in order! A hairstyle is an integral part of appearance and that’s something that many forget. In the next few sections we will talk about different types of hairstyles and what they’re best suited for.

Basic Hair Care

The thing about ensuring your hair is on point is that hair care is as important as the haircut itself. You have to make sure that your scalp is dandruff free and your hair is oil free for the longest lasting style. Check in with a dermatologist to see if you require any special shampoos. Conditioner is also good for hair as it helps smoothen it out, but make sure to wash it away thoroughly. Lastly, if you can avoid it, don’t run a brush or comb through wet hair. However, damp hair can be safely styled.

Types of hairstyles

We will now looking slick at some of the most common types of hairstyles that you can get at any salon. Also keep in mind that many hairdressers love to experiment. So don’t be afraid to try out new styles from a picture in a magazine.

Buzz Cut

This style is very easy to maintain and provides a crisp look of almost military precision. Trimmed to less than an inch on the sides and back and cut very short atop, this cut provides a very mature, no-nonsense look. This hairstyle would be great for men with square faces.

Casual Style

A casual hairstyle is your run of the mill cut that requires longer hair on the crown and just a little shorter hair on the sides. While the cut is not complicated, it is very important to style the look every day with a little gel and running your comb/brush through to set it in place.

The Side Part

While the side part does not necessarily need a distinct haircut, it must be done with surgical precision. By sweeping most of your locks to one side, you can affect a cool beach wave or slicked look changing the whole tone of the appearance.